I remove my dirt by the handful.  

I become inside-out feeling my way along this corridor

Tip toeing…

Wishing I was dreaming…

 I’ve daydreamed enough to fill a short life;

A life short enough and more ephemeral

Than a dream.

I’ve daydreamed the best parts of life away,

Crowing under a blanket

Long before I

Crowed, like a plucked, dimpled bird,

on top of the fence I ride.


Put my foot in the muddy, marble pool.  Then the other. 

The chocolate is melting in the car

And I’m melting on my feet.


I’m a sliding person with a checkered past-

Instead of friends, I have contacts.

I was pulled through a shadow

Now, I’ve settled at the bottom of this cup.


Alright, buddy, it’s time to pick a face.


Social circus, adipose and dense,

I’m sucked into their nothing again. 

Sucked on for nothing.



blind drawing 10846656
Blind Drawing #4.5, digital manipulation of pen drawing, 2007 copyright GPD

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