Three Dead Going At It

My younger sister is here and OK is the standard; she looks around goes ‘is nursery school over yet?”  My sister is too cool: all clean, pink flowers.  She buried off our mom in New York, 1994.  What the heck?

Have a good one half of the world.  Eight through three is always beautiful.  So many health, meet a lot of joy and the gift full of meaning.  Maybe tomorrow no pigeon.  Tomorrow at work, I don’t know what they want anymore.  Have had to learn that they must be more than you.  Photos tell me I don’t have to go back to back-wrong… so I go do the work so boring.  Back in the house, training bottle to my lips.  Standing, waiting for one… then wait for chicken and haven’t seen it.  Single or give up is love.  Bad Walnuts.  LOL.  In the mood for some nothing.  New York.

In Love with you who’s not here but could never stay because it’s too crowded with King Bee and Uncles galore.  I love big for you, here and not here, so I paste a picture of you all over my bathroom when I go!  And I go, GO, GO!!!  I am not implying anything of you.  Just simple is that, even when in the toilet.  I also want to have a picture of you with a cam- hard vs. me.  1 big, young love to share like a growth whip.  Our nice photos: man, how many pretty pictures of our uglies… then we lay together.  I can forget King Bee.  If only for remembrances of exploding internal minutes under you.

You have that much money, please shoot a few million.  Tired of my sons.  Just so far for what?  See also HELP HELP oy tired.  Cracking like a girl tick carried to the temple.  Taken in, temple community is also a miracle.

Where to go today??  Going to the pagoda high spiritual loose black.  Missing the outdoors again.  Well… someone is.  Want to eat pancakes that cut someone’s birthday so much.  My uncle stretch with my bros- we’re metal together.  Pictures from public security of us in vines in the Ninh Binh Province.  Had to do all to text.  Won’t do it again.

Fixin my so called man, King Bee.  Play letter so just play.  Zay lady ha ha.  So we need to see the mood, that’s why it is.  In life, so it should- you hold the power to take your wife for me.  Take her out somewhere anyway you guys are so bitter; you have to stay down… always down.  I can’t help but love you in dosage anyway. Me I want more dosage.

King Bee leaves ‘after hours’ call money for going on one year, now.  He barely pays attention until his fists need greasy.

Just saw 2 dads drive the one year old bike in the street.  They put the first one, like, oy- bridge about to go, each other out of the rail- horrible men.  So I’m back from work late.  I don’t even have a car to go pick up our old adopted son who’s lived through another day.  The boy is thirty one years old, but his thought processes?  Just think 5 or 6 months.  I have only a few dollars to help him.  Tragedy after comedy.  My homeland is in raining season; empty help… people avoid flooding… ya!  My father my husband bought milk.  I am my own mother.

Bars Mom Toad gives the metal food a la why.  Chicken stock day done.  Before Spain, you never asked to play with my stress food!  You lay wrong to tag for my craving it.  Smoky taste to eat reindeer.  Lucky for me is not bare… to sell at a cheap price for friends.  Going to buy a gift for butt rats. Maybe a big package of reindeer patty for them to pull apart in the street!  Home on vacation all the room to God: the why and kai.  We’ll kick GHB square.  We have to now.  All is serious and vacation too fun too fun.  Ahhhh… love the body… so hilarious.  Ha ha hole fun, King Bee calls.  Stress tron hiccup is how it feels.  But I just have to remember, we are good enough and full enough of lovely games- just trying to love it.  Sure, this is new, lol!  So many moods.  Such questionable examinations.  Where are you?

Drip please.

Need prayers more, I think.  I call upon it in terrible hours.  This is my lord, to whom I’m not a shame.  By the way, God didn’t say you go to hell for flip the bird. Gof bless the homeless.  You touch the bottom of the bell.  The money team tastes of asshole.  Mas putos because both are tools: vergotas belonging together.  Put the meat in the taco on top of selfie and go away.  Just wrong for the rest of their lives even if you love that I’m stupid.  Hey, Mr. Drunk Dude, see you next time from the dead end!  Good on you.  Just saying.  This is just a message telling you, so you know, this is what I owe this lifeless life.  ‘Cause if I had a boy, I’d expect him to feel the same.

I need see you again.  Don’t you miss me at all?

Satyr’s Delight, After Caravaggio, oil on canvas, 1993 copyright GPD

Drop please.

The Shoulder- black people give a reason.   What kind of solve this?  Three dead going at it; they will soon have supper.  ‘Who gets your share of the dentist?’  One asks the other guiltier one.

Shit wedding.  Good inflammation.  You’re the man, not the dentist.  Punch it.  Don’t let me drown.  Ha ha.  Up TNT.  Will be all alone; always fuck you.  Want to kill everyone in the world… except for Tony.  See baby, I’ve been hurt so much, now, today is the 1/6th.  Life is long but so tepid… like Arizona.  King Bee’s friends (Phuong) are known to be like an HPV wish, but they bring favors and fish.  Happy for life about three tomorrow large but only if you and we’ll forsake everything.  Turn each other content instead of long life skin, please.  Phuong, sans dead mother, EVIL AS FUCK… King Bee lost the lag on mortgage day and was taken to marry me, his daughter, a real powerhouse.  Home girl is done picking up the bride.  I caught her in the house and partying with two kids (13 AND 15) the day before ceremony, AND I AM 42 YEARS OLD.

Where are you?  Too busy with new toy boy to reach over?

I wish you always be happy with each other.  I admire that you got married in one big one; pretty good.  Success is when you age.  Admiration for everything you are always… the best for cute and smart.  Very rarely does a husband do that.  Once again, I wish you a happy like this forever.

Woke up every morning, I love you more than the first time yesterday! But the past one days, feel it, back to sleep now, that’s the real action.  Not heard one person do the no sleep.  Just need to hear your voice: “how are you doing?  Who’s talking about AHHH?”  Anyone who bullies against AHHHH can’t hear that.  It’s just how it is the darkness and the memory of aches and pains so tired all the hard broken it- deep- into a deep sleep.  Of course I have; don’t like to be from the bullet again; just like coming home from Kentucky.  I am from the lion pride into the cat.  Come on and be good: you are the son of a fight.  That much is hard to say; no more trace of time on my face.  I have been stalled since 30.  Was forced to live more than half my life.  That’s all I’ve ever had in your hand- 3 good boys no love, 1 great job trying to put away.  So with a lot of people, like, that’s good, but I still don’t like long suffering.  I want more than now.  At least to have good enough condition when tossed out on the street from raising the body, a man and the kids.  Now it’s time to get rid of any of the mind; so there’s no need to look at the hard aches and pains.  Do you understand your parts?

Fallen monks on hard don’t have a lot to say take care of rice in your clothes.  I don’t know the way to the one without any cars, across the street of course.  The motorcycle?  Not working well… I mean really too less.  Less until I’m nothing but skinned.  But, maybe a new life like yours could open my way: having me over more downed trees, bent on every swing: I’m scared of you in mind but in the peach you’re #1.  Will you take me?  Guess the whole of the tree can be spent writing to you.  What would I even wear for you.  The store doesn’t have one yellow shirt.  Blue shirt on.  Ready to squirt.  Protesting genocide if I finish churning this weekend.  Why don’t you get in there with me.  Are you so breached?  Afraid they might loose the gasses and rubber bullets again?  It’s worse now.  What the public safety and the police department don’t have enough of they can borrow from the health department.  Holy Mother… that game!  This whole fraud!  This lost and dying world!  Come die with me, please?

I’m off work.  I know bullies ply my legs with weak soft hands.  These are King Bee’s type of relations.  Tower of a breakup.  Don’t be a check using anything.  I think I’m ahead of the rest, but now there is a big place.  I’m afraid of your opinion, who is also in smash.  I heart you tho.  Take me away?  Won’t toy boy and wifey mind?  I need to be alone with you all days.

I still haven’t been to bed- it’s the ants!  So that too.  Rain… and then went to the famous BLUE ANYMORE.  I wish I could stay there forever.  Someday soon?  Be dead… a cat in it always… a to-do list for a few sure years and then lights out.  That’s a problem.  Yo, cat bone to hardware baby, you’re whatever you do.  I must be the standard bag.

Eat the boiled.  If only you could taste with me…

I maul you; you just do it if you want it to be and if you see the liver.  And I have to believe you, burn you.  It’s for the money, you said.  Tell me you need smacked then we can move in together.  All go to bed.  Do you believe that you burn my whole world?  You commented some over cave coffee and backed away.  Closed the door.  Well come back.  Let’s go to bed.  He he, laughing at the sharp end.  Let’s go to remember tanned skin you.  Cool to take the shot dead: quality time breached.  The essence of happy always high.  SLAP SHOT.  Mace.  Give me in position.  Let’s try to celebrate last days.

This morning eating breakfast, alone.  Meat.  Lonely, lonely mess.  I see new meat across the court.  Salary eagle, ha ha; hey, prince, you single?  EAT ME ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF VIETNAM.  LOL.  What do feel now?

Heaven’s laughter… the land of the dead is crying… and we are living in the middle of a cry-laugh… it’s on earth.

Slowly, let the month bail again, everybody.  War progress shot.  I’m afraid I left the game after transfer.  I’m afraid of two hundred years happy life to spend the rest of my teeth.  ‘You wear clothes like a big mess.’  I say to Phuong.  The day he got stabbed, I stood laughing.  My dear friends the more the merrier.  So fun… don’t dream much more than that.  Mom mom… my real mom… her skeleton in a weak corner, coughs cob webs, and now I feel tired. He can’t take his eyes off her when he’s on top of me.  How’s the drug immediately?  I have to freshen her love flowers.  The house.  The house.  I’m just going to sleep.

Training- Planet Big French was running.  Enter Me.  Ejaculation Big French.

The rain is back for food.  City is city advanced.  Patches, tires, train fire and production line break, plane and plus the service car wash with acid water.  Everyone has needs… so support me.  And just be happy, because we are not alone.  Please please respond.  I can’t stop the waiting, pining.  Teaming years believe- believe I do- some new known; I’m very disappointed in animals like men.  Like you.  Rain and wind have a significant effect on mood, as do pets like boys.  Like you.  Lest you have pets: pets cost rice.  Boys cost so much more.  Luck comes home at the end of the month sometime ha ha.

Sick, old, rebuilt… what a shot.  Paint!  The city has jobs now, beats.  There is a sick sick again; I have just poured for you.  I don’t tape city… metal miscellaneous day.  City business today will be bankrupt.  I was developing a good day in metal city before you broke it.  City man sings a good as always- he’s not city hall.  The bank closed it.  Sure the bank won’t take your potent medicine as repayment but my mouth and heart are both open.  I’m tired of severe city.  I need and plant a castle, placed immediately in your yard.  I say to me, you know what I mean when I tell you 100% interest is king.  Probably a metal bank loan where liars write their contracts out loud.  Bank gag burp castle.  Go to sleep, General.  Bath done, you lie wide awake.

This week, luck ran out.  Picking up strawberries with ‘the feeling’ and ‘the seals’ at the family home. We pick berries, insult each other all day.  So much food lying about for dad husband.  He could eat a gang of children.  Tomorrow morning, just after drinking, he becomes a troll.  Dear Daddy Spouse M: I hate that others won’t be bothered with you so I’m glad to pay for your company.  Just don’t bruise.

Sit for coffee in order to be ‘hello.’


Ride for mine. Missing loving.

What to do?

Move. Marry a happy, really luxurious box: me?

Ugly wedding night every 2 shots.

Count the money.

Welcome to breakfast.

Christ had to go to work tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not only the weight of the fish gold plus ten gallons of beer and Phuong- 60 loads from King Bee.  Ok wine is ok.  Where is it?  Luck at home is missing inaction.

2 years, I’ve gone to the shelf.

Climb up, climb down, tired, tired,

Double it.

Officially is the better part

Of always.

King Bee threatens me to calm down.  Someday these uncles will kill me.  Why’s it so hot in here?

You there?


SOS… I mean it.  Do you care?

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