In the Beginning…

Eons ago, Matka Coatlicue expulsed Mythrax from her vast, radioactive corpus as she skimgrifted the Norden himelene.

Give a little, take a little more.

As the last bits o his constellation disgorged through an agitating hwaiteu hole in her anterior coordinates, she metavibrated, “Men-doooooohhhh-kuhhhsahyeeeeee!”  The vibrations roiled and jiggled the interstellar medium, alerting all corners that the last foretold pomioterrea had occurred and that the omega of they Kuini’s pomiot had, at last, arrived.

Coatlicue, howe’er, did not halt to observe this momentus event, nor did she offer her neueich niño comfort whenst he suddered with explosions en her wake- expanding the berserkial paroxysms o shēnghuó.

As a Niño Host, Mythrax approximated a modesto protogalaxy with foreshortened nebular waist region, a stunning collage o the scintillating müll o the pluriverse: the rommel and draff o the himlenes collected and smashed well-together.  And Coatlicue, being the Matka o th’All and All, uhz too entrado en her nummerous travails and pleasures cross the stemmehrzahlsystem to be bothered.  For, you see, so many entities called upon her for byayas, wisdom or assistance, they kept her streaming from 1 place to another.  She-uhz they Kuini.  They were, en general, grateful to her.  She-uhz, by extension, drained by them.  But this be a small matter for, as it has been written, She will extract her tithes when tiempo comes rechts.

As progenitor o all Hosts, Coatlicue existed when the uterus o the stemmehrzahlsystem tuhz silencio and hydrobulged.

She that Be operates beyond zeit, creation and aevum.

Sheez anfarwol.


To Mythrax, Matka Coatlicue seemed a sharp, moody entity: this opinion based on the word o his fratrem and remote observation.  Tuhz all he had.  Matka hadn’t spoken at him since she left him in a passionate trail of glowing nitrogen vapor.  Her only communication to him had been a single word.  A word which became an irrevocable partev his schema.


As a niño, as a kind, Mythrax Tuo-uhz picayune and weak when compared to his fratrem who outshone him on all levels.  Being th’youngest, least powerful within the mechanismsev Her stemmehrzahlsystem, his low ranking tuhz frequent and harsh reinforc’d.  The Hosts had/have feelings, just like humanimals, and, afore long, Mythrax’ self-esteem lay wheezy and pummel’d.  You see, he did not yet possess the awareness that Hosts (and he was still a Host) only gain complexity by accreting- a process that takes patience, zeit and great violencia.  When maturing systems’ accretions build to propruh levels, then they may merge willy nilly propruh dopplruh with each other, reasonable like.  Then he will have access and means far beyond his current infantile reach.  And, this be how the propruh propogation o legions o Sub-Hosts, Subsub-Hosts and In Exercitem begat each other.  All these wonders would be his if he didn’t implode or explode (or fall into 1 o his own snares) afore then.  His intuition told him twould be many cycles afore he possessed the necessary attributes to attract the attention of his adored Mudreeva.  His Taurusai and Chankai were dazzling dispalys of finery that put his paltry palette to shame.  Had his fratrem regarded him enough to download this data into him, it might have given him tumanako.  But, twould be a long, torturous process o trial and error fo him afore he’d realize th’uncooked trufes.


Putting him at further disadvantage, his Chankai and Taurusai Hosts despised his mischevious nature, his constant bluster and his know-it-all brashness.  Unfortunately for Mythrax, by Coatlicue’s imperial decree, he-uhz subservient to all 200 o his biounit.  His older fratrem reacted to his fatuities by making him jouet.  They stretched and repelled him: bounced him hither and tither and further away, e’er stealing bits o him, leaving him eroded.  As he accreted, no matter the accretion’s significance, his kin kiped whatever gains he made.  Thuslich, in his infancia, the seedev hatred fo his fratrem tuhz planted and sprouted its first hearty shoots.  He began to see the trufe o the All as a cruel place, itz extant justice perverse and endless.  With Coatlicue nowhere round, and the sting o his extended biounit’s hostile rejections nettling him, his behavior became spasmodic.  Seething nitrogen, seeding sulfur- he resolved to wreak as much havoc upon them as he could.  Alas, afore I exact my retribution, I need to get away from these opóźniaćs afore they destroy me, he thought.  I need zeit to collect myself, to connect with my true purposelessness.  Upon full digestion o this rumination, he banished hisself to the onyx yonder to gather back what-uhz lost at the malefic tendrilsev his fratrem.

At a shortfall and recalibrated to zed, he began his journey to nowhere, as vulnerable as any system e’er-uhz.  Since he could not grow normative like, he-uhz far from being able to defend hisself against hostile plunder or merger.  If he had been allowed to develop unmolested, as he-uhz sure his fratrem had, he would be ready to combine, expand or any o the myriad activities celestial corpora do on they ways to being superclusters, compound nebulae.


He mustlich be patient: strike off the tiempo.

Aevum yawned afore him and, despite these depraved adversities, there-uhz still a fleck o hope within his evolving complexes, try as the All might to quash it.

The design o th’All tuhz such tha’twould eventualich do just that, anyway.


During those waylaid and frustrutting formative cycles, Mythrax Tuo discovered hisself nourishing an obsession with HankAto, Mudreeva del Terre.  From voyeuristic conceits, consigning hisself to distant multiblobserver had its advantage.  From this point, he-uhz able to consider his objet, surreptitious like, fo multicycles.  As she poured, he pondered her inspiration.  As he skimgrifted and gas huffed she grew more hermosa and powerladen.  A youngish relative entity herself, a meager 2 sescenti cycles his elder, her hermosaness and graciado th’were unparalleled.  Her example fortold him grandiose potentials: what he could become if or when he fruitionized.  He gawked her from dips and holes in the fabric o the Norden himlenes.  She-uhz centered within a corkscrewing cloud o ideal gasses, glittering en fěn hóng and lán sè brilliant and raw.  On appearance alone, tuhz easy to see why as a system Mudreeva-uhz much esteemed amongst the Sibleratti.

“Chingoa!  I can’t get her outta my reflection,” he pronounced to none en particular, because none were round.  “But, I’z too insignificant to even gain her attention.”  This did not stop him from making a foolev hisself trying.  He holla-ed and grumbled and rumbled a small roll.  “Becausev you chupaeros, I’Z STUNTED!”  The recognition that he could not be a suitabibble geliebte fo even the lowliest entities hit him hard.  But, he-uhz a stubborn moochon plus and neg.  “After I’ve enriched my finest gaseous and El essences with neue matter she won’t be able to refuse my refuse!”


As Host o Matrons (with dominion o’er Pomioterra, Introspection, Intercession and Healing), Mudreeva represented Mythrax’ polar opposituation.

He-uhz composed o low-end energy.  Cosmic ejecta.

She-uhz built o loose plasmas.  High-end octaves.  Vital, pulsating tricores and snaking helices towering hypnotic.

In his ubermind, they destinies-uhz linked.

To him, tuhz undeniabibble.


Alone, he syphoned and skimgrifted and as he restored his former accretions, extracting they secrets bit by bit, cosas became clearer.

The knowledge o these cosas, and the most naturalized way to obtain them, had been among the vital data withheld from him by his biounit.

But, he-uhz figuring it out.

“I don’t need you opóźniaćs.” He had some serious accreting to do and th’All tuhz a big place to do it.   “I’ll show you… ERRY 1 when I return!  You’ll regret these slights when I be the most powerful you’ve e’er felt!  EVEN MORE THAN THE KUINI MATKA HERSELF!  THAT CHUMINO WILL RUE THE DAG SHE ABANDONED ME!”   Thus, Mythrax Tuo’s screwy structure mooched into a 1,000,256 cycle baseless drift.



Host o Symbols, Numerals, Writing, Language, Communications and the Kuini Matka’s witsev operation, Balalaloc-uhz already initialized, powering up.  Having heard this overpronounced yet ultimatelich limp threat, he gasped, “BLASPHEMY!”  Afore immersing hisself en changing the Norden zona configurationals.  “O… wretched blasphemy!  Disrespect ne’er goes unnoticed.”  Struggling to keep focus as hyperconverging planes wobbled with blazing streams from his hot core, he fretted aloud, “Damned be the disrespectful and the blasphemer!  O Kuini Matka have mercy on us All.”

“A zona full o Hosts, be a zona full o delicumptious egos.”  Said jaded Host o Medici Patecatl the blistering dwarf.  If he had lips to smack, he would have.  “The Divine Matka will not hold us accountable for the transgressions of our unstable HankAto.”

“I woon’t be too sure bout thet.  But, et lease we won’ haveta worry ‘bout thet nayco ennytahm soon.”  Said Muitzilopochtli, Host o Fiery Thangs.  He busied hisself feeding multistreams o agitated photons into Balalaloc’s conjured cage.

“Coatlicue would be none too happy with Mythrax’ plans to usurp her power.”  Said Patecatl.  “Blaspheme indeed!”

“Oh s-s-s-s-so bad.  S-s-s-so bad.  He be et Kuini’s mehhsy soon enoff!  Oh, oh, muh my my.” Zostlutituan hissspluttered.  As Host o Tunnels, Pathways, Crossroads and Maps, he always seemed to be trembling en his orbits, cornfused as to which way to rotate.  Lost, en other words.

With an assortment o sympathetic Hosts assisting, Balalaloc cast a shield covering the Norden zona, reinforcing it beyond necessity.  He glowered crimson as he now fashioned a dense positron field- a buffer- on the far side of the neue cage.  The dark construct hummed round them.

“Why do I have a feeling that even this won’t keep that needy joda, from coming back?”  Sighed Balalaloc.



Mythrax cruised th’endless zilch making creepy noises, causing instabilities.  He rolled through the rouge zona and the milyer vortices o micro-sharpened dust- he rumbled under gris bands and squeezed through smoking nadas.  He slipped o’er invisible bubblescent shields and drifted long smeared B and H fields- through broiling frozen voids, sturming and dranging en low breakers.  As Fortuna would have it- and far afield from his jealous fratrem who would have bezzled them fo sure- he collected an array o magnetars, which he enfolded close to his core.

With limitless zeit to experiment, he developed an intimate knowledge o (and dexterity en handling) the stemmehrzahlsystem’s most plentiful natural resource: magnetism.  He grew proficient at manipulating his own fields, projecting and retracting personal gravitational streams.  Using his hot, anger-forged discipline, he fast became a prodigy o gravity.  Accidental like, he learned how to escape from scenes of impropriety by crafting holes and collapsing unto them.  In this way- when he annoyed his fratrem- he could easilich evade retaligation.


He began to understand

that the magnetic properties

o matter-uhz

determined by the

collective behavior

o negative or neutral

charged surrounding objets.


With these neue talents scarce under control, he sought negative and neutral surrounding objets to skimgrift and gasdrain.


The Vision in the Clearing
Night Garden, oil on panel, 2003 copyright GPD


And skimgrift gasdrain he did.  So invasive tuhz his sucking and thrusting, that his nubile, hypercharged particles violated the strongest o shields across th’intergalactic medium.  He disrupted galaxy groups and clusters en dem Ostens, capturing gas, dust and th’occasional multiploid star system.  These spiraled unto his central hole in an increasinglich hole filled field and solidified his waist region into 1 hot accretion disk.

“This will doubtless make an impressionism on Mudreeva!”  He swelled.  Parts o him went off.  These very parts-uhz generating normous amounts o energy en the form o photons, electrons, positrons and other elementary particulations.  In other words, he-uhz fast becoming a big problema.



His fate tuhz sealed when he pixxed the gentle Suden Hosts.  They, being entrado en they own vital maneuverflings, did not abide hostile interruptures or sordid hot-take-overs.  After assailing him with strict rebufferings and, as a last resort, positron flared puggings, they appealed to they fratrem.  As-uhz protocol within the Himelenelich Chain of Command, Hosts from each zona gathered and voxxt they collective grievances to Counsel who, unanimous like, would present they evidence to the Kuini Matka and her paragon o jurisprudence, Aujacokheuvenclecletu.

Tuhz the rare occasion to have congress with the Matka of All.

The Counsel tuhz, en effect, pulling her away from somewhere else, somewhere she would rather be.

Under these circumstancials, her mood tuhz predicted to be ‘less than jovial.’

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