Becky Don’t Know

Laura, oil paint on mirror, 1995 copyright GPD



Becky don’t know

My Becky don’t know

The poisoned shadows

The sunken tomorrows

And every time she turn around

She’ll find her time

Running down

What Becky don’t know

Is I’ve lost her place

What Becky don’t know

Is my face

Is no longer my own

And I pollute my shoes

Spilling over into hers


If Becky don’t know

I’ll let her guess

What ruined our lives

What caved our minds



If Becky don’t know

She won’t be able to tell

What ripped the

Cureless hole

Revealing the rot


Becky don’t see

I’ve gone away

Flown the coop

Bye bye Becky



I’m vaporized, flattened

Like mom always wanted me to be

Becky won’t feel my shadow

Til I’m gone

A stain in a chair

A cold spot on the bed

And Becky will never know

What hit her

Or how she was wrong



Bye bye Becky

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