Reality Pt.1


The Absolute Heathen, digitally manipulated photograph, 2018 copyright GPD


I’m a prop

False as

A paste diamond

Gave up individuality

Sought out finality

Nothing more

Than a chalk outline

In motion

Caught a case of 33

With a

Hideous prefabricated heart

Still beating


In this lightproof container

In this trash filled ditch

Of infinity

Props don’t suffer

Props simply buffer

Props don’t hate

They help you relate

To reality

Take me out

To turn me on and down

Pull my draws

To expose my flaws

Props don’t move

Without a guiding hand

An elaborate plan

Props to the prop…


I got it

No, I don’t



More absorbent

Than a sweat sock

Spring loaded

A hairy trigger away


A helluva drop

At the edge of a

Very high



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