Reality Pt. 2



This is the real me.








Here.  Look closer.  Come closer.


I still don’t…


Shhhhhhhhh.  That’s right… get camel toe to moose knuckle— fit my weft like a jigsaw puzzle.




Don’t be afraid.  It’s just me… whomever I may be.  Peer into my pothole, through my layered leagues of liquid static; if you can; that is, if your eyesight’s better than mine.  Maybe you can tell ME who I am.


*blink blink blink*


I didn’t mean to put you on the spot.  Or maybe my breath displeases… it isn’t my intent to offend.  Don’t worry, I don’t want your undivided attention; but I’m allowing myself to be opened.  This isn’t what anyone expected.  Yet, it’s me to the core.


Personal space…


Only serves the dishonest…


But, that’s the…


Only thing we know?


… I’m stumped.


A stump gathering all the moss.  Ha ha… I see now… that’s the real you!  Now… tell me… how do I look through a filter of bark and lichen?


Is that an insult?





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