Couch Serf (BEGGING Pt. 2)

I take what I can; you know, whatever I can get away with

I can feel how receptive you’ll be

Within our first few words

Do you feel me? I’m surrounding you


I’m mounting you


I’ll cook and clean; you know… the routine

I’ll bend and rush- but only so much

Rest ass sured, I’ll get mines


Because I’m prettier than you


But, your arms are warm

We both love the attention

And I need a place to crash


My genius is starving

Yummy yum

You dinner

Maybe more, certainly not less…


Your generosity’s contingent

On my output

I find out later when I spread and linger

So I buckle down

And scrub it

I jimmy it and buff it

And give you a finger just to prove I’m as good as the skin I’m printed on


Gamble on me

Cut your lawn for free


I probably have too much time

And I kill it all

You’d do the same if you were me

I promise, seriously

Your harm’ll only be



I promise

You may not even notice

Until I’m long gone




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