Is u a robot?
Is u scamming?
Did u get got
When u was camming?

Grayed out
Timed out
Clear the cache
Carpal fun, well…
Update upgrade
Shadow ban bad batch

Ain’t u bout outta time n characters?
No filter Friday
Fine u lacking
Got u slick n click-clack jacking?
Got u haunting dem disparagers?

No likes no comments reblogs or praise…
7 Day Trial
Last four displayed
Identify identity
Card on file
Victim mentality
This field required

Venal trapping
Tonal mapping
Is u in focus
Wid ur pants down fapping?

Enter reenter face the mailer daemon
Password expired
Feed interrupted fitfully streaming
Unit hardwired
Muted refuted
Undeniably infected…
Legacy retired
Fire wall dumping last word protected

Downloading crashing
Blue light buffering buffering
Face gone ashen
Read unread undeliverable
Synthetic passion

Got a plan, boost my stats
Like these lips?
Want this ass?
Doxx me baby…
Doxx me…
Kiss, cripple or pass?
Call me out hunt down me
U b surprised who got
Time for all that.

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