Commoner’s Wrath

plump yer pillow

eat a cabbage

become shallow

fold over twice


invest your neuroses

replenish your thirst

assume the position

check for lice


self-inflicted burn

crippling movement

tragic wrong turns

retarded improvement


cry out the jingle

that haunts you most…

build a strong mindset

to strengthen your ghost…


dangerous minds

forge this path

hiding behind

the commoners’ wrath


we want relief when we choose boredom;

we’ll only find it when we’re post-mortem


i fall into cracks

i breathe night

i strain against straps

i bleed light


run around me

trap me in your cone

fill me with hollow words

and fail to hear my own



i’ve gotten thin

on a diet of clichés

give me a book

on how to live my days


and care…

and bear…

and share…

and repair…

… please don’t despair.

(Bring a Valium and lots of patience.

There’s a place in my lap that’s always vacant.)


humans are filthy animals to house and keep

swapping inhalers

slippery and sleek


frozen root

by and by

dead head in suit

die by die


twitching with fleas

ringing ears

can’t sleep with a low IQ

it’s hell to get old-

time to walk the stairs

y’know, you remind me of you


in the ground, babies are born

and today’s visions aren’t free

it’s the triumvirate’s slave trade, and you’re formed

the way they want you to be.


Broken Boy #1, oil, 2007 copyright GPD

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