Evil Flower

Investment money.
In here.

Like money; dirty paw.
Love money: quick draw.
Suffer money: slack jaw,
All in a dull lifetime of work.

Burned up Lexis
Powder infectious
These power complexes
Forged a nation of jerks.

Get what you pay for.
Long shot recovery.
Make it rain more
Hide the discovery
That will make it all better.

Such a go-getter!

Pain needs a powder
That heralds doom’s hour
And isn’t that what you really want?

Do you know?
It’s your show;
Let your evil flower,
Let your legacy haunt.

A long shot
In a short arm.
Shoot it while it’s hot.
Let your attitude stand for gratitude;
Redact the thought;
Enjoy the harm.

Investment dummies.
In tears.



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