Olympic Quality

Triple D split jump with samurai sword.

Our contestant was woefully disqualified from the 2018 Winter Olympics due to a number of what they call ‘formal irregularities’.  She was held in a PyeongChang jail for weeks on a number of charges, the most significant of which was “killing with indignation” which carries a minimum sentence of 3 years in the local zoo.  Being that they love her so much there, for obvious reasons, they want to keep her… like… forever.

This photograph captures Patricia Paniscus, mid performance, mere moments before the now infamous on-ice/on air incident involving streaker, R.J. McHogan  The ensuing melee caused $7,950,000 damage to Fleshlight Civic Arena, cost 150 people their lives (not including the streaker) and incapacitated at least 45 others.

Figure 8 Triple D, collage, 2015 copyright GPD

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