Because Mars

some born from cold, dark Fusion some born in Black light

boys and girls play in traffic their games offend pedestrians & motorists alike when they’re not blowing holes through ’em

their heated competitions smear the pavements their pissing matches mark our Territories

silent where there should be screaming

their/our malevolent ‘Teachers’ failed in their plans to build that intravenous ladder to the heavens because they’ve been distracted by a self-inflicted collapse


mars no longer holds promise


their only recourse is to wreak havoc here and now with a killer wardrobe polluting the expanses with paisley puke cursing into nihil gurgle-laughing the tastes of Chemgasses passing through swole Hollywood lips barming out the chutes and bladders

all day night sing cry howl in the Black light in the ice-cold Fusion at the bottom of this bowl


do sing day night

go to work now


Pleasure’s rising still


Pleasure’s on the rise


Ernie & Darren, oil on mirror, 1995 copyright GPD

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