Hearts and Thumbs

I push the heart for your symmetrical face

I tap the thumb for your sticky buns

I finger the star for your story

I bop the blushy face, the heart eye face, the kissy lips, the peach, the eggplant, the droplet spray one by one for your new see-thru draws

I push the hearts

Push em hard

The basket the turkey the island the underwear the craft show the brand

You branded yourself and so did I… a loser with a perfect face a poseur objectified

I swipe right I scroll I swipe left I finger the stars until my eyes droop

I push the heart

Push it again

Give you another and another

Your peach pit meets my pendulum

Thumbs up 100%

I stand with Harambe in the mass grave of this zoo… swipe right for my red meat scrotum

Tap it out

Sign up for my Just for Fans content

Rub it out

Rub it hard

Assess and judge my content

Thumbs up thumbs down my thumb’s way in my thumb’s way out

My self-esteem rises and falls with my followers

More valuable than Wall Street stock

More ephemeral than clean air

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