How Frappe Mocha (WIP)

I got a plastic twat in my plastic hips reinforced in Teflon.
Drive it on in… mon… c’mon in…

my fish is always snapping
for your phishing scams
And labial clapping
While my clones lunge
from umbilical bunge
like a venomous spider
from your filthy prams

But that’s not my cuppa tea, ma’am. I’mma Neurotyrannical kinda guy, I am. I gotta Neurocratic state a mind
I’m a denatured sixteenth century retroman
I’m an antithetical biheteraltryptyc fan

Suck it G. Deleuze….. and suck it hard…. through a plastic tube…. in a hybrid car.

How tapioca! How frappe mocha! Sprinkle that on your piece’s pipe and smoke it. This is the essence of bum thinkery. One in the gibbets and one through the stinkorie.

This sled is going sideways, headed for the cliff.
Who’da thought this’d be a good place to frolic?
All dressed up
and ready to go full on alcoholic
All trussed up
and ready to go
to the neck wringing clinic

Suit specific bros.
Dying in lines and things
Broiling my mind
with things

Frying on the sidewalk

Oprah Oprah Oprah!
Make the taste for us
Oprah Oprah Oprah
Sing this catchy chorus

Fuck Me, Amadeus!
Fuck Me, Amadeus!

Burn down Chicago!
Burn burn burn us!

Burn down Detroit
You got me so I don’t know what I’m doing!
Turn turn turn
Edit the cause, the effect, the memorial!
Dr. Oz cashes in on the corporeal
and we get the screwing

Grease the sheet!
Compress the grief!
Where’s the beef?

Sell your babies!
Sell Sell Sell!
Eat some rice!
Pawn your scabies
Swollen so nice
Rob from Peter, Mary and Paul
To afford the tickets to
Oprah on Ice!

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