Operation Footballs (WIP)

T.A.C.O. has been too busy smoking cigarettes, selling national secrets to illuminNazis, drinking and spilling coffee, not tea, all over the place not to mention cleaning all the true filth off the street and simply dumping it BACK INTO THE SYSTEM (alchemical recycling!).  We’re hardly at work, infiltrating your ranks, like so many humanmonkeywrenches that will, when the wind blows, make a clatter enough to shatter your Australopithecus into a million microdoses! 

HERE WE ARE Mr. Norma lady: Get over it.  We are the newest old religion that’s not a religion.  We are a belief system of non-belief.  We are the zero sum of our tastiest parts. 

T.A.C.O. does take the threat of THE GAME[S] (US of A’s obsession with structured ‘playing:’ including such primitive and, in the common context, absurd concepts as “rules” “fair play” “good and bad sportsmanship” “strategy” and my favorite “cheating”) seriously.  As seriously as T.A.C.O. takes Operation Footballs: Our ‘total loss of control’ 200 circuit plan using legacy American obsessions, and its ‘players’, some of whom are perennial consumer favorites and those with scale-free bindis (Zealator Grade or above) shall know them by the ‘liver spots’ in their auras. We lure them with our vast reserves of you-name-it. The retroenamation process begins and they’re reset, rebooted, better than before and better than any of you. Why the programming? Why, to lead the tallow headed, lead-footed parade, goddamned godzilla goose-stepping carbon claw prints to the brink of humanimal history.  Depending on the target’s vulnerability, we can access them remotely. It’s getting easier all the time. Our ‘players’ are being positioned to manipulate the masses and deconstruct them subliminally through carefully glitched behavior patterns, hormone spikes from pulsing screens, on and off the Fields of Virtue.  Some of them don’t even know they are Neurosicrucians.  But we know who they are… and that’s all that counts.  As you all don’t know, Operation Footballs was classified years ago because of its explosive content and unorthodox methodology. The plan is still going strong and on target.  Be patient will be ESSENTIAL, dear consumer of all things Coke, we’re only in cycle 53. Nonetheless, look for some amazing changes and updates coming in the year ahead!


The Illustrious Potentate Fr. Noxious XXX

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