Water Tables Turning

Anger in shadow plays
Overheats these hallways.
The magma is boiling.
Our feast is spoiling.

The tide is eternal.
The table is wobbling.
But how does this differ
From stumbling or toddling?

Who was it that played with you
When you gave in?
What was it that they dropped on you
That caved you in?

itching sniffing
a barnyard happening.
swallowing choking
a switching, a strapping.

And what can we learn from this random thought?
And what can we purchase that we haven’t just bought?
Shape a house from warped plastic, hot glue;
Cement a relationship with a chain and a tube.

This engorged state cannot contain me
let alone my mountain of waste,
so i’ll plant myself rootless and brainy
To satisfy my senselessly random taste.

The collapsible mind is in danger.
Here I sit, an empty container,
Bent strong with brutal contusion.
Waiting for a rabid infusion.

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