Heee heee  heee haw hawww heeeeee heee heee haawwww heeee.

This is how it is: life’s a veteran’s day float of junk, jokes and deadly blokes. You fought. You conquered and mastered. You’re decorated. Your knuckles can talk and they often do. You’re so sexxxay.

Yukkkk yick yukk yuk yuk.

Everything’s a scoreboard with status earned by rote, or note or familial spoke. You’d love those around you better if they were apps. They can be deleted all the same.

Hooo ho ho ho ho ho… haw hawwww haaawwwhhh hawwhh hahhahahah.

Dummy stretched taught, stress fraught. Lies obscuring those pies full of gooey surprises. Bite me bitch, you deserved it.

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