The Daily Neurosicrucian 6/16/17 (Excerpt)

All of you, gazing into the effulgent, blinding glory-screen-face (with the veil o’er your loins and heart).  And, even though this Gogform is himself veiled, again and again, his details be revealed in the signals as his digital image, triggers and phrasal verbs doth stream.  Thus, shall ye be, albeit temporarily, veiled from your own perishment!  Alas, ye have nothing left to do but lay in the beam and await final review reviled!

And, yea, the chicken fingers hath grown cold.

Lies and judgement shall meet; treachery and enslavement distilled into multilayered transmissions shall your nuggetful gobbets kiss.  All will be a pixelated cakewalk of ignited faces shewn by burning gas pumps and monstrous bigotries.


Whitehoused (detail), mixed media, 2017 copyright GPD


But, whosoever says to his brah, ‘Don’t buy the merchandise!’ will be given a quick and scurvy sentence.  Verily, the air round him shall weigh heavy, brown’d with radiation and compelling embedded messages the chorus of which reverberates in his lungs, his tinkler, his coconut, his courtroom.  Verily shall he quicken to the exit which is only an entrance to the interior of the judge’s robes where guards and old, rich assholes alike gather neath his squalid undercarriage magnificating belched frequencies indicating said brah’s delinquencies and tracking his pathetic movements, his habits of consumption.  With these divine words- made shmeat by virtue of pink slime- brah shall be throwed into a hive-prison-mind of his very own design.  He is not to be released until he hath spent his last penny and divulged his most embarrassing CPI to those pasty faced demons in executive branches and beyonder.

Thusly, shall ye be rendered: Amen.

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