Brain in a Bottle

If I was a brain in a bottle the first thing that I’d like to do, I couldn’t, because I got no limbs

So I’d just float like a shrimp in a cocktail glass full of cerebrospinal fluids until somebody put me next to you

If I could project thoughts from my cortex
to a plasma screem wired to my lobes, I’d say SOS or please send me prosthetics, so I could at least flip a bird or wave these Technicians to shoo

If DNA were a love note from your ancestors

to you and you and you

you might want to thank them, fight them or turn them to glue for passing on tricks and treats like bombs or prizes set to go off ‘randomly’ on the very insides of you

Me As a Young Cabbage
Self Portrait as a Cauliflower, digital photo manipulation, 2015 copyright GPD

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