Plague Cantos 1 (WIP)

Summer’s ruined by all the bogus virus. All the fairs are cancelled. All the fireworks are cancelled. It’s all about control.

Anyone on here ever heard of The Bill of rights ?

No, none of us had fourth grade social studies. Elaborate for us.

The purist country there is! Almost disease free!

The freaking right to our voices, and freedoms!

Herd immunity is what takes place. All humans have (bacteria emoji) and immunity systems. All other stuff is fake security.

Do you wear a seat belt? Is that taking away your freedoms?

The virus can hang as much as 14 minutes in the air – if you’re not wearing a mask you have a chance of inhaling particles. Wearing a mask still provides some protection.

Let’s fly flags half staff for the almost 2,000 deaths in this state.

Oh you mean we can make our own choices again.

Not no more.

Bahahah did they rehearse this?!

Ohia State Fair is CANCELLED!

What they said on the local news was no. No visitiors. Only people on the contract/lease.

You and Acton are purposefully KILLING over people.

I have diarrhea so bad from Zanesville (poop and droplet emojis)

The states that didn’t close down have smaller populations and less dense cities. Comparing the two is a false equivalence.

Interesting….. why is race even a matter in this? This is big political (clown emojis)

It doesn’t matter either way, we are all God’s people.

Nah just you.

That’s not what he’s going for or the meaning.

True but I’m not sure what your point is. Fortunately, you can’t catch someone else’s abortion. So although your comment is something you absolutely have the right to be angry about it’s not really relevant to the situation with covid-19.

Thanks. Watching.

I went to jail and got tested. It’s negative. (praying hands emoji)

You have your life? I’m confused.

I wonder if that translator is single. I would totally fuck her.

He said yesterday she wasn’t feeling well so why isn’t she self quarantine?????? Yeah uh huh.

Make your comments but leave the interpreter alone please.

Glad you’re starting a task force for those that already receive benefits during this difficult time. Meanwhile colleagues of mine cannot work, their mortgages are going unpaid, and will most likely go out of business! Unbelievable. And the poor white people get what?


That’s why both wear the mask and stand 6ft apart

Specifically, what part of the Bill of Right do you feel is being infringed upon?

Maybe Dr. Acton didn’t feel well because yesterday that judge ruled she shut us down unconstitutionally. Governmental overreach.

Still deceiving us.

Isn’t she always?

People will rise up and get our freedom back


Glad this is finally being addressed.

Why do we need to know this?

Let’s hear how you’ve been overruled by the courts.

Did he just walk back the 5/26 date?

Can I still make scat films without a permit as long as there is 6 ft. between the actors?

That’s decided locally.

Agin so this has all been voluntary?


Just cause she wasn’t feeling good for 1 day don’t mean she needs to be quarantined or she even has coronavirus.

Remember that movie with John Denver and George Burns? When George Burns played God? That’s what Governor DeWine looks like. By the time this is over, I believe DeVine will overtake Rhodes as Ohia’s most popular and effective governor. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him re-elected 72-23.

Re-elected? Lol I don’t see that for him at all. Who types up his speeches every day?

He hasn’t done anything but save lives. Get a grip goofball.

Now covid 19 is racist? Like my black friends need anything else to worry about.

You should have been concerned for these people in the beginning genius…ugh Now you are seeing what you’ve done ;(

Yeah, when I’m out of toilet paper.

Thought masks were recommended???????? How long will the no more than 10 people last? Get rid of the mask requirement; the only thing I use masks for is toilet paper.

I see a plumber in your future. Love your profile pic.

Lives are changed by losing their livelihood.

You can catch this virus by your mail- shopping at wal mart- gas pumps- any where. But they want to distract what we can and can’t do? Because we might catch it.

That is untrue

There are more caucasian with COVID… what are you talking about look at the ratio.  

What a clown.

But yet he cuts 700 million from the education fund.


DeWine share your wealth.

They shutdown.
Fauci and real doctors say masks do not help. They can do more harm than good. They do help against bacteria.

Who is Danny Lee Hill????

My business in jeopardy and no mention to us. Are you going to allow Betty DeVos to federally stimulate private schools in such a disproportion? In this together? You home with 2 kids no unemployment or pua yet? This conference has no info that we need. Thank you, thank you, blah blah blah, yada yada. How about something to help pay our bills? I’m about to just start selling drugs again.

You people are spending too much time bitching and moaning about wanting your free handout because you are about to lose your business, your home or whatever… there is help available. You just have to look for it. There are all types of programs that will help you but you are obviously not patient (or smart) enough to uncork your thumb.

That’s just rude. Seriously, maybe read a book? MAYBE READ WHAT I SAID!!!! You just wanna pick on me. Because that’s all you have to do all day. Is pick on people. The government got that too.

The six ft distane is govt conspirater to keep our heart shakers from connection

Now they’re closed. So that was an efficient opening

Can the limousine busines resume?

By the big one do you mean the big collapse of the our economy?

What collapse?

No one stop anyone from protesting. If your Church didn’t assemble, you CHURCH made that decision. If your job shut down, there are plenty of places hiring. NONE of your rights have been violated.

I like watching children argue cause someone took there ball wine wine wine kids.

Again, can we cut the comments out. Why do people even listen????

Some comments make it fun. Some.

Not a garsh darn thing and we want it now.

So many difficult needs and positions.

Universal Health Care For All! Give em hell!!!!!

We need more praying on this country (praying hands emoji)

TACO TUESDAY !!! Let’s see how packed these restaurants get
… the sanitary and distancing requirements would probably be better than the grocery store, hardware store, or pharmacy where people are sneezing & coughing into their hands then touching products and putting them back on the shelf.

Won’t is Doc has the virus


Again, could someone explain what freedoms are being lost?

The virus will always be around … stop with the excuses about EVERYTHING!!

I love tacos

Tell me more about your tie.


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